Digital DentistryDigital

The concept of digital dentistry is one that started out small and has progressively increased in momentum until its boundaries appear to have become endless. New technologies in dentistry will only be successful if they are combined with a complete understanding of basic comprehensive dentistry. While new technology and computerization can make procedures more efficient, less labor intensive and more consistent, it will not replace education, practical experience and clinical/technical judgment.

The most exciting factor surrounding these technologies is not, however, only in the potential applications of the technology that are being hypothesized by dental professionals. The excitement truly lies in the fact that these “hypothetical” applications are currently being developed today, and some are already in major scale of use.

In a relatively short time period, digital technology will revolutionize the quality of dental care that is being delivered in modern practice. Implants are now well documented for fulfilling the functional requirements in prosthetic tooth replacement. These new technologies, along with the evolution of surgical and prosthetic techniques, allow the dental team predictable, consistent results in implant rehabilitation.

The evolution from hand waxing to “digital waxing” using the diagnostic wax-up and provisional restorations, as well as their digital replicas to guide us in the creation of CAD/CAM restorations, the utilization of these new technologies, along with the evolution from “hand” design to “digital” design with the addition of the latest developments in intra-oral scanning, materials and computer milling/printing technology will only enhance the close cooperation and working relationship of the dentist/dental laboratory team.

The basis for all long-term success in restorative dentistry is a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan. The ability to preview a case from start to finish, communicate and co-diagnose with other specialists and specialties about dental patients via the virtual world is the true power and capability of digital dentistry.

Adin Dental Implant Systems are going digital through three modules of digital dentistry:


Our CAD CAM libraries in three CAD systems: EXOCAD, 3Shape and Dental Wings and gradually entering to additional systems.