Adin Guide

Adin’s guided surgical kits were developed with both dentists and patients in mind.
The innovative kits, featuring intelligent and easy to follow layouts along containing self-
centering drills with built-in stoppers, allow for simple, safe and fast dental Implant
placement procedures.




Guided Surgery Approach

Using Guided surgery for implant placement has become increasingly popular among dentists.
There are many reasons to use guided surgery:

Patient Benefits

  •  Surgical time reduction – ideal for patient comfort and apprehension
  •  Easy to execute flapless surgery – significantly improves healing process and time in majority of cases
  •  Minimization of surgical complications

Dentist Benefits

  • Significantly improves placement accuracy
  • Significantly reduces likelihood of complications
  • Minimizes patient chair time – efficient utilization of time


Why choose adinguide™?

The adinguide™ was planned with you in mind, bringing the
guided surgery world to your clinic.
Specifically designed to support effortless procedures,
accurate and predictable implant placement.




adinguide™ advantages

Keyless Procedure

This innovative approach developed to support effortless procedures, accurate and predictable
implant placement.

ActiveFlow™ Irrigation Technology

The adinguide™ ActiveFlow™ Irrigation Technology is a unique design that forces coolant through
the guide and ensure that irrigation reaches the bone. Within each cylinder are unique channels
which allow coolant to stream through the sleeve while drilling.

  •  ActiveFlow™ Technology – through the guide irrigation
  •  As the drill starts to spin, ActiveFlow™ starts operation
  •  Delivers the coolant from the hand – piece directly to the surgical site and may prevent
    bone heating

Self-Centering Drills & Tools

Our keyless, self – centering drills and tools are designed to enable dentists to perform faster,
easier and more intuitive implant surgeries.
Organized in a way that enhances safety and ease of use, Adin sleeves are embedded within
the 3D printed surgical guide and precisely center and guide drills and insertion tools.
Self – centering drills, controlled by a main diameter cylinder at the top of each drill,
centers the drill in the guide’s sleeve.
The surgical guide and drilling procedure are designed so that the self-centering cylinder
engages the sleeve before the drill touches the bone in order to ensure correct positioning of the drill.

Built-in Stoppers Enhance Safety

Built-in stoppers ensure precise and accurate drilling
to the desired depth. The fixed value of the offset
between the top of the implant and sleeves
allow doctors to decide to use shorter drills than planned.
Enabling another safely measure, allowing another
layer of verification before reaching the final drilling depth.





The adinguide™ kits are Intuitive, simple and effortless:
No need for keys, or any other assisting tools. Hassle free, logical and straightforward


Minimal Number of Tools

The kit is organized into 6 areas.
Each area representing a specific function during implant placement and insertion.







Guided Surgery Libraries

Adin implants and Guided system components have been added to various digital libraries
to enable implants and guided surgery template planning.

3shape Implant Studio digital library is set in advance with closed parameters needed for
guide planning.



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