EZ CureTM is a cross-linked collagen membrane. Guided bone regeneration promotes the proliferation of osteogenic cells in a defined area to prevent conjunctive or epithelial cells to colonize the surgical site. EZ CureTM has the ability to maintain its functional integrity for more than 12 weeks , allowing the regenerative process to act.

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Resorbable Collagen Membrane – Guided bone Regeneration

EZ Cure™ Membrane is a highly purified porcine collagen (type I and III) resorbable membrane.
Phylogenetically, porcine collagen is the closest to human collagen. Porcine tissue is viewed as the material of choice in many medical xenograft procedures.8

EZ Cure™ Resorbable Membrane offers excellent handling properties.*
Its adaptability to different bone geometries makes the surgical procedure easier and effective.*

Barrier function for at least 3 months

EZ Cure™ Membrane is a cross-linked collagen membrane that combines controled resorption time (barrier function) and flexibility*.
EZ Cure™ Membrane ensures a barrier function for a minimum of 3 months* in order to prevent connective or epithelial cells from colonizing the surgical site during the healing period.

  • Flexible and adaptable to varying bone topographies
  • Great tissue adherence
  • Cell occlusive
  • Easy to cut, to shape and to place
  • Strong, can be sutured
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